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Back at it

After a prolonged hiatus, due in part to my lady’s medical issues, and in part to the cold weather (my shop is in my two-car refrigerator), I finally got back out there and turned some wood a couple days ago. Rough-turned a 15″ platter (will probably lose an inch before the final turning is complete) out of red maple, and a fruit bowl out of black locust finished only with beeswax (pictures pending a round of buffing)

Had intended to get back out there yesterday to do some more, but the computer repair business ( is picking up and spent the whole day yesterday doing that.

And speaking of irons in the fire (I know I wasn’t, but I am now), I’ll being doing my next stint, as a regular cohost, on a radio talk segment called “Surf’s Up” on KOSW 91.3 FM, our local radio station in Ocean Shores, Washington (can be streamed from here KOSW ) this coming Thursday, from 8am to 10am.

3 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. You are what? A radio show host? So cool. It’s in the family. What kind of hosting?

  2. Hello!
    5 days ago I made an order in your store but there is still no track number. How can I get my order?!!! What is going on?!!!
    answer me

    1. I have no record of either your order or your payment. Do you recall the number of the item you ordered? I won’t be replying to the email in your comment because your entire comment is suspect, in that you did not use your real email in the header of your comment and, instead, used “”. Also, your IP address resolves to a server in China, while the domain name for your mail server has the registrant address of Reykjavik. In the event you are actually in China and did actually want an item, you’re in for a disappointment, as I do not ship overseas. I consider it much more likely that you are a spammer in China. If the neither is the case, please try your order again — I know the system is working because I just received and completed two orders yesterday.

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