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Back at it

After a prolonged hiatus, due in part to my lady’s medical issues, and in part to the cold weather (my shop is in my two-car refrigerator), I finally got back out there and turned some wood a couple days ago. Rough-turned a 15″ platter (will probably lose an inch before the final turning is complete) out of red maple, and a fruit bowl out of black locust finished only with beeswax (pictures pending a round of buffing)

Had intended to get back out there yesterday to do some more, but the computer repair business ( is picking up and spent the whole day yesterday doing that.

And speaking of irons in the fire (I know I wasn’t, but I am now), I’ll being doing my next stint, as a regular cohost, on a radio talk segment called “Surf’s Up” on KOSW 91.3 FM, our local radio station in Ocean Shores, Washington (can be streamed from here KOSW ) this coming Thursday, from 8am to 10am.

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  1. You are what? A radio show host? So cool. It’s in the family. What kind of hosting?

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