W223 Ash Bowl


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Ash Bowl
SOURCE: Bellevue, Washington
DIMENSIONS: 6-3/8″ dia. x 2″ tall
FINISH: Danish oil; buffed with Carnuba wax
DESCRIPTION: Tree felled by power company due to encroachment on power lines. The Seattle chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) had a member who was an employee of Puget Power, and when desirable wood was to be so felled, he would alert the club who would then, in what was termed a “wood-rat session”, descend on the site like a swarm of locusts, chainsaws a-buzz, and the wood would be gone in an hour or two.

CARE: Food safe and waterproof, but not for prolonged storage of wet foods. Hand wash with soft cloth (no scrubbers), dish-soap, and water, then dry immediately with soft cloth. Finish will dull over time, particularly on the inside of the bowl, but can be “freshened” with food-safe mineral oil or mineral oil/wax products that are commonly available for wooden salad bowls.
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Dimensions 6.375 × 6.375 × 2 in


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